Azimuth started in 2015 as a documentary project. Alexander Nelson and Valerio Orzi wanted to explore the secrets of the old silk road and started an adventure 13000 km long.

The future partners of the company travelled from Rome to Siberia and once back home, Azimuth immediately became their production company. In their minds there was an agile and flexible creative factory, able to carry out the most complex projects, for the most demanding customers, with the most innovative languages.

Today they keep looking for those projects that can excite the audience as that journey had done with them. After all, isn't that what a story should do?


Poste Italiane・Poste Mobile・History Channel・TV8・ENI・Enel・Lottomatica・IGT・GROM・Gioco Digitale・Bernabei・Kaspersky LAB・Microsoft・Postel・Skipper FCA・Huawei・Airbnb・Loacker Philip Morris・Hasbro・ACEA・McKinsey & Company・Baker Hughes・Micromegas・DOING・Xister・SuperHumans.



This is basically where everything starts.
We get to know a customer and his needs, what's that idea that has yet to be born. Whether they are meetings, endless calls or briefs stained with blood, this is the beginning of a journey that fascinates us.


A blank sheet, this is the next project as soon as production starts. Infinite creative directions, to be shaped and conquered without ever repeating ourselves.


Sometimes it's a movie set, an editing room, other times it's a studio where people draw and draw on their computers while drinking coffee after midnight.
We always work with devotion, from the basic concepts
to the final delivery, but this is where we really have fun.




New stories. We believe in the power we have. The power to tell, to revolutionize a brand with moving images, without any fear to change things.


Workflow. Our documentary background is the mindset that makes us create stories capable renewing the classic visual language.


One to one. We pay attention to every detail and work on each project as a package that we perfect day after day.